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Should #LatinosForTrump endorse Rick Figueroa for RPT in Texas?

After Trump immigration speech, Texas Hispanic advisers quit.

"Rick Figueroa, a finance executive and Republican activist from Brenham, tweeted, “I am very disappointed in Mr. Trump’s immigration speech,” expressing his regret that Trump had ignored the “wise counsel” being offered by his Hispanic supporters."

#LatinosForTrump not ready to endorse any members of the so called "National Hispanic Advisory Council" for public office.

Who are this Hispanic leaders without face?

Click on the pic to see the post history interaction of the rest of the Hispanics and this board.

These Hispanics below not reconized by their efforts by the Trump administration have the scars and the T-shirts to show what they did to help Trump get elected. The ones in the picture were Never -Trump actors that have taken the credit for the efforts of #LatiosForTrump and other Hispanic political groups. We wish that they would be a bit more inclusive and unite forces with the rest of us to push forward POTUS agenda.

So far, the so called "National Hispanic Advisory Council" has not once reached out to any of us. Not even to introduce themselves as representatives of the Hispanic community to the White House.

--It is for this reasons above that #LatinosForTrump including most Hispanic political groups we know are not ready to endorse or support any of the members of the so called"National Hispanic Advisory Council"

Please read Marco Gutierrez comment to this pic. "It is not of "Caballeros" to self glorify oneself. I/we do not expect a thank you from no-one ☝️ for what I/we did for this country on the campaign trail. The problem I/we have is the arrogance of these third-world-hungry never-trump characters, that call themselves "The Hispanic Counsel" For Trump. They have a total a disconnection to the rest of us. 👎 NO CHARACTER INDEED!" HHHarim UzielMyriam WitcherAAAngelo GomezIIIrma HinojosaHRobert HerreraMMaria De Jesus AdonaiMMarri VelasquezMMiriam CepedaAArthur C. SchaperAArturo BarrosoAAriel MartinezOOmar NavarroAAlex S GonzalezJJuan FiolAAAngie PetersonRRRamon Socio AponteBBasil FitzpatrickCCarlos RuvalcabaCCContreras KarlaDDenise RuizEElsa AldeguerEEElisa SarmentoJJoey ZenoHHenry GrullonJJessica RunfolaKKeith AvilaLLupe FuentesSSaphire MuellerIIleana Garcia Alfombra RojaPPPresident Donald J. TrumpBBarron GonsalvesVValentina BankheadBBianca Renee Gar-cee.

See also Ariel Martinez had to say on this board:

"The United States has a 17.6% Hispanic population, roughly 56.6 million people. The census bureau uses the classification Hispanic / Latino to refer to "a person of Dominican, Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race." This classification as theoretically inclusive as it sounds has never been truly representative of our individual cultures. Herein lies the miracle of Donald J. Trump. For the first time in my lifetime I am witness to Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Hondurans, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, etc. all coming together as one for the sole purpose of preserving this great nation. Most of this 17.6% is distributed among California, Texas, Florida, and Nevada. Each of these regions had leaders who were willing to step up and put aside our businesses, family, and personal goals for the sole purpose of saving this country from demise and expecting zero recognition in return. For example, when Jose and I started Cubans4Trump in Florida we did so out of a desire to create a momentum in the overwhelmingly Cuban, South Florida community. We never discussed or cared for recognition, awards, etc. We did receive plenty of personal attacks, death threats, along with our business and personal lives suffering due the time required for campaigning. The same can be said of Marco in California and his group who also bravely stood for what was right at a time when people were scared to say the name Trump. Those of us who did / do the countless media interviews defense, events, and street rallies in defense of Trump. Funny enough though I cannot recall any of the faces on this Hispanic Advisory Board ever being present among the hundreds, later thousands that we amassed as supporters standing and / or marching for Trump. I have done what I have done for my country, I do what I do for my country, and I will continue to do what I do for my country. No thanks or praise is needed, but if it were to be given I would have hoped the recipients of such would be clearly identifiable. After all as I previously stated, there are select regions with select groups, and those who led them. I am sure I can safely speak on behalf of Marco, Jose, Ileana, myself, and many others when I say that we are simply humbled and honored that so many of you joined our groups and helped make a true difference."

See Ileana Garcia Alfombra Roja commints on this board:

Ariel Martinez 100 percent #onpoint What truly pisses me off is that no one bothers to google anymore! I don't blame the advisory board I wonder about the ones who selected? Those people are very out of touch, nor are they very appreciative of what was done. Very encapsulated in a very Washingtonian closed society. But HEY! I welcome the ADVISORY board to roll up their sleeves, sweat and hit the ground in 2018 and 2020! It will be my pleasure to watch 👀

See Ramon Socio Aponte comments:

I think i can answer that for Marco Gutierrez alicia grodeu the problem is that during the liberal and democratic smeer campaign against trump these sleeze bags were quiet and in hiding and now because of the massive backing of latinos for trump theyve come out of the dark to profit from the decisions we made without them and positioning themselves as our representatives. You really dont see anything wrong with that and youve seen everything ive mentioned? Wow

See Jose F. Uz comments on this group:

Honestly, this group was nowhere to be found while the real battle to have President Trump elected was raging. These people DO NOT REPRESENT ME and are there because of influence and connections but what did they do ? It is thanks to the real Hispanics that went to bat for President Trump like Marco Gutierrez in the west coast, Bianca Renee Gar-cee in Texas, Ariel Martinez and I Jose Uz with our organisation #Cubans4Trump in South Florida that took the threats, rallied the people got stones and bottles thrown at that pulled the Hispanic vote in. These Hispanics are their for self glorification and photo ops, they are not in touch with the grown game and the true Hispanic communities. We are the unsung warriors of the Trump phenomenon. As fast as the swamp drains it appears that the re-fill is never far behind.

Below please read more about the history of this so called "National Hispanic Advisory Council"in regards to Trump

Houston immigration lawyer Jacob Monty was one of a handful of Hispanic Republicans to meet with Donald Trump in New York City on Aug. 20 to advise him on how to improve his standing with Latino voters. Three days later, Trump came to Austin for a rally, fundraiser and taping of Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News amid talk that Trump was softening his stance on immigration. Monty’s heart soared.

“After listening to the Sean Hannity town hall in Austin, Texas, I was so excited, I thought, `Boy, this is someone who can bring the hardliners to the table and actually get an immigration bill through Congress.’ There was so much hope,” Monty said Thursday on MSNBC.

READ: Trump focuses on border, immigration in Austin events

READ: Trump has made one thing clear: He’s not softening on immigration

Rick Figueroa, a finance executive and Republican activist from Brenham, tweeted, “I am very disappointed in Mr. Trump’s immigration speech,” expressing his regret that Trump had ignored the “wise counsel” being offered by his Hispanic supporters.

“It was a leadership mistake. It was a political mistake. It was a moral mistake,” Figueroa tweeted.

But Figueroa wrote, “With all his flaws, Mr. Trump is still a better choice than Hillary Clinton.”

Figueroa delivered a rip-roaring warmup speech for Trump at the Austin rally, recounting his meeting with Trump as part of the advisory council.

“He said, ‘Tell me your heart,’ and he listened,” Figueroa told the rally at the Travis County Exposition Center.

“He’s a leader. A leader listens. Don’t believe the media. He listens. He cares,” Figueroa said at the rally. “You know what I told him? `What the hell do we have to lose?’”

The two other Texans on the advisory committee — former U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla and Eddie Aldrete, senior vice president of IBC Bank in San Antonio — did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Bush sticks with Trump

Political consultant Kasey Pipes, speaking for Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, the state’s most prominent Hispanic Republican and chairman of the state GOP’s campaign effort for the November election, said Bush continued to support Trump. Bush was not on the advisory council.

Two Florida pastors who serve on the advisory council — Mario Bramnick and Alberto Delgado — said in separate interviews on MSNBC that they were sticking with Trump.


See Also: Tom Mechler to address report he’s stepping down as Texas GOP chairman

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