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The First 100 Days in Trump's America: Are voters impressed?

As the founder of Latinos for Trump, Marco Gutierrez faced criticism from friends and family, but he remains a firm supporter of Donald Trump.

While many #Trump100 voters we've spoken to have concerns about the president's Tweets, Marco believes some of his more controversial online tirades, like unfounded accusations President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, were borne out of vigilance.

"I think he was seeing all these leaks being reported, and wanted to see how far it went," he says. "He was testing the market, like a businessman,"

Marco supports the president's immigration policies, but believes there is room for improvement when it comes to the way deportations are handled.

"You have innocent people who are caught in the crossfire - [Mr Trump] needs to be compassionate because I think eventually some supporters will break."

Marco says he will stay loyal to the president, but is concerned by a small hardcore element of the president's supporters he describes as "borderline racist".

Highs: "The way they launched the missiles while he was having dinner with the Chinese president, is something I admire a lot," Marco says. "He is showing fortitude."

Lows: "I'm not very happy with his son-in-law, I think that there it is not an arms-length relationship, and that could be a conflict of interest."


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